Sunday, April 4, 2010


What are 5 things everyone should know about you?
1. I was born and grew up in the country. Nature and especially flowers are my greatest inspiration. I recognize many wild plants, at least those that live around my town.

2. I am a teacher- a Greek teacher and work in a primary school.

3. If I were not a teacher I would like to be a linguist or a botanist. I love words and plants.

4. I have always had an inclination towards anything that has to do with art. I took a course on drawing some years ago.

5. I learned English by myself without taking any lessons and the more I studied it the more I loved it. I’m proud of it. Not of my English skills-still a lot to learn-but of being self taught.

Do you have any computer or art training or skills?

Apart from the course on drawing I took and the computer skills necessary for my job, no, I haven’t any other kind of training on digital art. However, when I got my drawing program I loved it and started making things!

How long have you been with zazzle - and how did you get here?
Well, in August of 2008 I had plenty of time to surf on the net, as schools were closed for the summer. At that time, I chanced upon cafepress and was thinking of opening a basic store. I even started gathering information about that. Then I thought to google the words cafepress vs and I got back caffepress vs zazzle. I visited zazzle and fell in love with Keds. So, I opened my shoe gallery and later my main gallery

If your shop only had 1 designs in it - which designs from your current shop(s) would you choose and why?
Only one design? Hmm… I would choose this:
It is a very elegant design. Simple and beautiful. Love its curves and flowers.

What was the most important advice you got from another shopkeeper that you can pass onto another shopkeeper?
When I had only my shoe gallery one shopkeeper suggested that I should put my designs on more products. Also, something else that I read on the forums: 1st quality, then quantity.

If you received a gift card for one free zazzle coffee mug, which could not be used on your own stores - which coffee mug would you pick and why?
I would choose this:
because it’s about spring, it’s cute and I love its colors.

List of your store(s)

Pick 3 products to be featured

Editors Picks:

In stitches mini slip on kedsshoe
In stitches mini slip on by olmpal
Make your own affordable custom shoes at Zazzle - this one looks like cross stitched shoes i love it!

Cute Birdies Mugs mug
Cute Birdies Mugs by zazzleproducts1
Make a customizable stein on Zazzle - i love the colors of these little birds.

Earth Day Bags bag
Earth Day Bags by zazzleproducts1
Create personalized tote bags on earth day should be every day and with this tote bag it can be!

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