Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you
1 I am from the great State of New Jersey. We have the best tomatoes on the planet, and own the Statue of Liberty. Suck it, New York!

2 I am a self taught digital artist, that had zero access to computers, or the Interwebs prior to the year 2000. This proves my theory that time and patience are all a person ever needs to get on a path, and follow it to its rewards.

3 I decided to join the United States Air Force in lieu of College in the Eighties. If anybody needs help with de-bugging a thermonuclear weapon, I am your man! (I am pretty good with PSP and Photo Shop as well..)

4 I watch re-runs of "Gilmore Girls" religiously. It's wrong, I know, but it feels so right!

5 I am a Zazzle Pre-Seller, but I am making headway every day. I do not sweat this detail, since I have so much fun just being a "Zazzler" in general.
I wish more people could wrap their heads around that.

Do you have any special art or computer skills or training?
I have no art training past high school, but I did teach myself to draw once I was out in the "real world".
As I stated previously, I had never even touched an Internet capable P.C. until 2000. Once I had gotten the "Internet bug", I did attend a Cisco Networking class at a local college. I received a diploma, and the knowledge that I never..EVER wanted to do networking work a living.

What advice would you give to a friend who wants to try zazzle?
I would love to be in that position someday. You probably know as well as I do, that friends and family members often scoff at the P.O.D. sales concept. Too bad for them, I say. If someone did actually ask about it, I would tell them to do some research. I would recommend that they spend a bit of time looking into what it really takes to get your presence on the Interwebs noticed. I would at the very least, tell them to visit the forums on Zazzle daily. I learn new things there every day, and I don't ask a lot of questions there. I just goof-off, and try to make people laugh a little bit. I still read each new thread though, and I am always finding incredibly useful information.

If you were wandering through times square and suddenly saw a picture of yourself wearing one of your zazzle Tshirts on one of the big billboards - which shirt would it be, and what would you do?

It would have to be an "Angry Squirrel" design.
He is all about the little guy that refuses to give up.
What would I do? I would do a little happy dance, start screaming like a little girl, and begin tossing my business cards into the air. (I always have them handy..)

What design was your favorite to create & why?
Without question, my favorite project (design) was working with Ben and his friends recently to create a tribute skateboard deck for their friend Jesse.
It was difficult. It was somber. It was life changing. It proved to me that the Internet can ultimately be a tool for getting good things done. This is a project I was chosen for, not something I put in a bid for. It was also the first time I was "consigned" to do work through the Internet. I am still collecting donations for the school. I have made friends overseas. I was in the right place at the right time to do good. That is a great feeling.
Jesse Version 14 skateboard
Jesse Version 14 by Softproduct
Build a real skateboard online with Zazzle

If you could send any baby onesie from any store on zazzle NOT owned by you - to a celebrity for their baby to wear on national TV - which onesie would it be and why?

It would have to be this one. It's funny, It would look good on a rock stars kid, and it was the first new design I came across after 17 pages of searching.

what are your store(s)?

softproduct cards

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  1. Thank you for the feature Shopa!
    I am honored.
    The blog looks great!
    You are doing great work here.

  2. thanks! i love your answers you always keep me laughing - i think it is the NJ attitude...i have the same one!! LMAO