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Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1I’m a grant writer specializing in grants that target the funding for the educational advancement of children. I’ve held public office for most of my life. I’ve been active as the campaign manager for several political races on the local and state level and am currently involved in that capacity in a Senate race. I’m a published author and have been working on a new book detailing my adventures in the POD (Print On Demand) cyberspace world – totally tongue-in-cheek exploits of the thrills, chills, and lots of spills in this arena. I write a weekly column under a pen name for a local paper. And, of all the awards I have been given and titles that have been associated with me through life … wife, mother, and grandmother are the most important to me.

2 My passions are quilting and stained glass work which I have been involved with for over 30 years.

3 I believe that the path to success is and shall always be, paved with failures. Throughout my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to rub shoulders with many successful people in various fields and all credit the failures they experienced as the catalyst that moved them forward on the path to success.

4 I cherish and invite as much diversity into my life as humanly possible especially in the area of forging friendships. I believe it is not the things that we hold in common that add richness to our lives … but rather, those things that we differ in. Those end up being the most precious gifts we give to each other.

I often have the opportunity to talk with large groups of young children and one of my favorite stories to share is about a man who was very angry with the world because nothing and nobody ever seemed to agree in the world. He wanted the world to agree with him in all things so he fell on bended knees and prayed to a higher power to change the world. The higher power answered his prayers with a question. “What is your favorite color?”

The angry man answered, “Blue.”

The next morning he awoke to a world in perfect harmony. The ocean was blue; the trees were blue; all the people and animals looked alike and were blue; the whole world and all upon it were blue. People practiced a blue religion; ate blue food; supported blue politics; led blue lives … and so on … and so forth.

The angry man fell into a pit of sadness as he realized that he had lost all the diversity that made his life worth living.

This is a very abbreviated version of a story which delivers the message to all: Embrace and cherish the diversity in all things as those are the things that end up being the gifts we give each other … and make life worth living.

5 My favorite aspect of the POD world that draws me in like a powerful magnet is the marketing and promotional endeavors. Since I am one of seven children, we learned about marketing and promotion at an early age … if we wanted that last pork chop on the dinner table!

Do you have any formal art or computer training?

No, I have no formal art training and would never embarrass the talented artists in our world by a self-proclamation of that title. However, I can draw a straight line if someone will let me borrow a ruler!

Nope, no formal computer training but I’ve had the best teacher in the world …“Trial and Error” … with lots of errors!

How has zazzle changed your life/lifestyle?

I don’t believe Zazzle has changed my life or lifestyle basically because my personality is such that I have always sought out new adventures … and continue to do so in many avenues … which address my appetite for new challenges. However, Zazzle is monetarily rewarding as I meet and conquer those challenges in this business. Zazzle offers the opportunity to charter your own financial future when you apply the determination, dedication and hard work it demands to be successful.

Zazzle has restored my faith in corporate America as a corporation that recognizes, rewards, and places value upon the network of participants that contribute to their success in this industry. I hope that never changes.

If you could give every new shopkeeper 1 piece of advice what would you tell them?

Never give up!

If you could have 1 design on a billboard in Times Square NYC for 1 hour what would it be? And how would you respond if you were in Times Square and suddenly saw it up there without warning?

I would want this design to appear because I think the world needs to learn to laugh more. How would I respond? I’d be momentarily stunned then I’d join in the laughter.

If you spilled coffee on your mouse pad and needed to replace it with a mouse pad NOT from your store, which would you choose and why?

I’d replace it with this mouse pad because I would definitely need more coffee; love my java; and it depicts my personal response to a lack of coffee!

List your shops:

Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Solemate Shoes
Graduation T-shirts and Gifts
Cinco de Mayo T-shirts
July 4th T-shirts and Gifts
Birthday T-shirt and Gifts
Democrat And Republican Political T-shirts
Breast Cancer T-shirts and Gifts
World War 2 T-shirts and Gifts
Father's Day T-shirts and Gifts
Thanksgiving T-shirts And Gifts
50th Birthday T-shirts And Gifts
Dance Wear T-shirts and Gifts
Retirement T-shirts and Gifts
New Year's T-shirts and Gifts
St. Patrick's Day Irish T-shirts
Christmas T-shirts And Gifts
Wedding Anniversary Gifts and T-shirts
50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
SagArt SoleTrain Kids Shoes
Maternity T-shirts And Gifts
Valentine T-shirts And Gifts
Easter T-shirts and Gifts
Wedding Party Gifts
Embroidered Shirts And Gifts
SagArt T-shirts and Gifts
Funny Bumper Stickers
Earth Day T-shirts
Mothers Day T-shirts and Gifts
Halloween T-shirts and Gifts

Pick three designs to be featured:

Editors picks

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