Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nikki/13 Black Cats Designs

Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1 While I don't actually own 13 black cats I do share my home with 6 rescue cats of various colors, 5 rats, a rather noisy love bird, a turtle and a pair of ducks
2 Although I have drawn and painted most of my life I have only taken it up seriously in the past three years
3 I love science fiction, video games and puzzles and I am a total geek
4 I am a black licorice addict
5 I rarely wear matching socks, the only requirement is that they be the same thickness

If you could give every new shopkeeper 1 piece of advice what would you tell

Network, there are so many great shopkeepers and artists that are helpful and friendly and if you are lucky they are willing to pull you to the top with them if you return the favor

If you were watching TV and saw an actor in a sitcom wearing your shirt what
would you do?

Well someone would probably call and tell me because outside of LOST I rarely watch tv but if I did see that I would probably go speechless (which as anyone that knows me would know that is a rare thing)

If you had to pick a birthday card for someone, from any shop that is NOT
yours, which would you pick and why?

That is one very, very hard answer. I love Mariana's art from Floating Lemons and Lisa Marie's art from Lisa Marie Art. I respect them as artists and admire their work. To be honest there is so much talent out there and I can go on and on.

How and when did you find zazzle?

I don't remember how I found Zazzle but I started just over two years ago. I was fighting severe depression and that is pretty much how I found my art again. It helped me to focus on something other than the really bad things that were happening in my life and it continues to do so

What programs do you use to make your designs?

I paint with watercolors and do ink work by hand and also use Photoshop and Illustrator for 13 Black Cats Designs. It all depends on my mood at the time. My Pen and Ink store is all Illustrator and I use Photoshop to crop images for J'adore Paris.

List your shops:
13blackcatsdesigns's Store at Zazzle
pen_and_ink's Store at Zazzle
jadoreparis's Store at Zazzle

Pick three designs to be featured:

Editors Picks

Vineyard Nymph Sticker sticker
Vineyard Nymph Sticker by 13BlackCatsDesigns
See more stickers available at zazzle

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