Monday, April 5, 2010


Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1. Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, killed a bear when I was only three. True, except for the part about the bear. And the mountaintop.

2. I married an Englishman, and we live in a Tudor farmhouse near the English Channel. And by "Tudor" I don't mean "white with black beams." I mean Elizabeth Freaking Tudor was sitting on the throne when this place was built. I have to dust a lot.

3. I trained as a painter/illustrator/printmaker at the Rhode Island School of Design. But I ran out of money and the will to live and dropped out before my degree. RISD was an exceedingly flaky school in my day. I understand it's trying to rebrand itself as an ultra high tech school now. Ha!

4. Not many people have been Photoshopping as long as I have. I got my start with digital imaging on a machine called the Autographix Image Capture System in the mid 1980s, years before the first version of P'shop was released.

5. I play the banjo. If you're nice, I'll leave it at home.

What programs do you use to make your designs?

Photoshop, mostly. Occasionally Illustrator or Corel or conventional media. I swore if I ever got the chance, I'd go back to paint and canvas, but sadly digital imaging has spoiled me. With the computer, I can realize complex picture ideas in hours instead of months.

If you were abducted by aliens and knew you would have to wear the same shirt for the rest of your life - which one from your store would you want it to be?

Oh, definitely Guards, Release the Weasel!
It was kind of an accident. I did a low res image just for the header of my shop with "Release the Weasel" under it. My husband said, "what does that mean?" And I'm like, "you know, like 'guards - release the weasel!'" It became a shirt by popular demand and is one of my better sellers. Go figure.

How has zazzle changed your life/lifestyle?

It's more that my life changed drastically, and Zazzle is a part of it. I worked the same job for 25 years. When I left, I was suddenly scrambling for a way to make money. I hope Zazzle will be an important part of that, but I'm not there yet. I made Proseller by selling to my friends. Now I have to reach a wider audience.

What is the best advice you received since starting zazzle?

I'm startled by the sheer number of products that successful sellers have on offer. This is both motivating and intimidating; I'm kind of slow.

If you could send any 1 pair of shoes from someone else's zazzle shop to a 3rd world country as a gift which would you choose and why?

This one, with the US Declaration of Independence on it:
A sane,stable government has to come first, or prosperity will never get there.
Declaration of Independence kedsshoe
Declaration of Independence by doveagle
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>List your shops:

Sweasel is my main shop. It's largely political, though, and that's automatically going to alienate half my potential customers, so I plan to open other shops for nonpolitical content. Currently, I have catflap for cute kitteh designs. Not much in there yet. I've just started Auntie's Lunch Money, where I hope to feature images of some coins in my collection. No designs in it yet -- the rules governing reproduction of currency are extremely varied and complex. At this rate, I'll have to stick to ancient Roman coins!

>Pick three designs to be featured:

Editor's Picks

Parus major shirt
Parus major by sweasel
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