Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cowpie Creek

Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1. I'm not sure everyone would want to know 5 things about me, but here

I was an entertainer for many years and traveled the country playing clubs as one-half of a two-girl singing/comedy team. We also toured the Far East during the Viet Nam war, entertaining the troops, an experience I'll never forget. We were allowed to visit 5 countries while we were there: Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines, Japan, and Okinawa, but because the war was winding down and getting more dangerous for entertainers to travel within Viet Nam, weren't allowed to go there. I salute all the brave men and women who serve in the military and will always support them, mainly due to my experiences overseas. The guys in the hospitals were the most heart-breaking. I can still remember some of their faces and it's been almost 40 years.

My partner and I also wrote, directed, and starred in a Baltimore revue that had the distinction of being the longest-running entertainment event in Baltimore history at that time. We even beat out Mickey Rooney, who was starring in a show there. Sorry,

2. As stated earlier, I'm an avid animal lover, hence, a vegan. I couldn't stand eating my friends anymore, so I gave up meat almost 18 years ago, and have never looked back. The atrocities that animals have to endure are nothing short of barbaric, so if you're an animal lover and haven't switched to a vegan or vegetarian diet yet, the animals would be very grateful if you did.

3. I love the old sit-coms like Andy Griffith, Leave It To Beaver, I Love Lucy, better than the ones that came along later, with the exception of Roseanne (my favorite sit-com of all times), Home Improvement, and Everybody Loves Raymond. I know there are more, but they don't come to mind right now. Yes, I'm OLD and senility sets in sometimes, so if you see me on the forums and I ask the same question several times, please be gentle with me. I'm just having a "senior moment".

4. I hate cooking, but I love to bake, and contributed over 60 original recipes to my friend, Sarah Kramer, for her vegan book, "La Dolce Vegan", a few years ago. If you're vegan, please get a copy. It's a good book, and Sarah is a lovely person and a HOOT!

5. I worked as a parade float designer and executor for the Kentucky Derby parade for about 5 years, and had a ball. It was such a kick to see our designs "floating" down the street toward the parade route after we had worked so hard on them. The week before the parade was always filled with "all-nighters", so I never really got to see the parade "in person", because due to exhaustion, I usually went home and went to It was a lot of fun, though, and an experience I'll always hold close to my heart.

I was also a sign painter for several years, and I have to say that graphics programs sure make it easier than doing it by hand, albeit less personal. Computers make it more difficult to "manipulate" a design than if the design were created by hand.

What programs do you use to make your designs?

I use Paint Shop Pro 9. I come from the "rock and a stick" school of design, so when I first started designing, I'd never even seen a graphics program. The first graphics program I bought was Corel Draw 12 and I couldn't make heads nor tails out of it, so I figured I was doomed for sure. Eventually, I found Paint Shop Pro and was able to start designing immediately, so I've stuck with it. I've just started to explore Photoshop, but it's a more difficult program than Paint Shop.I'm forging ahead with it, though, because it has so many more features than PSP does and I need to expand my design capabilities.

How has zazzle changed your life/lifestyle?

I don't know that Zazzle has changed my lifestyle. I started with Cafe Press, like most of us did, and they definitely changed my lifestyle. I've been disabled for many years and have been unable to work at a "regular" job, so Cafe Press gave me the opportunity to work from home and bring money into the household. Of course we all know what happened with Cafe Press, so I'm extremely grateful that I found Zazzle and am able to continue making money to support myself. Without Zazzle, I don't know where I'd THANK YOU, ZAZZLE, for the opportunity! I'm very grateful.

If you could give every new shopkeeper 1 piece of advice what would you tell them?

Even though I've been working with POD's for about six years now, I'm not sure I'm qualified to give advice to new shopkeepers. A few things I have learned, though, are:

1. Never rely on the marketplace for sales, because it can be very fickle depending on where your designs fall within the marketplace at any given time. You have to generate your own traffic through blogs, social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and so on.

2. Keep adding designs. The more designs you have in your shops, the more choices customers have to choose from.

3. Keywords are invaluable, as that's one of the ways people find you. Add rich keywords and descriptions to your products to get the attention of the search engines. We're in a very competitive business, so the richer the descriptions and keywords the better...and even then, it can be a crapshoot.

4. Keep trying to improve your design skills. You can get stagnant very quickly, creating the same kind of designs over and over again. In fact, I find myself at that point right now, which is why I'm trying to learn Photoshop.

If you could have 1 design on a billboard in Times Square NYC for 1 hour what would it be & why?

When I first read this question, the design that immediately came to mind was this one:

I'm a firm believer in ecology and saving the planet and an avid animal lover, so this design emcompasses both. I feel sorry for the animals that are being forced from their habitats because of man's greed and indifference. Sadly, humans think that they're the only people who have to live on this planet and usually act accordingly without regard for all the other living things that are trying to survive here. Regardless of skeptics who think that global warming is nonsense, most of the research is pointing toward the destruction of our beautiful planet.

If you were shopping for a new T shirt and had to choose from someone else's zazzle shop which product would you buy and why?

Criminy....that's a hard question. There are so many amazing designers, myself excluded, that it would be difficult to choose one particular design, so I'll have to pass on that question.

List your shops:

Cowpie Creek



Stick People





Veggie Shirts











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Friday, May 28, 2010

Crafty Corner

Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1 I am very persistant, I can become obsessed with thing, I never give up on anything!

2 I have what I like to call a flexible or well rounded personality. I like everything!! I love hunting, fishing, camping, swimming, working on cars, playing softball, crafting, decorating, going to the beach, walking anywhere outdoors & snapping photos at everthing in site. Many would refer to me as a tomboy or just one of the guys. I am a pretty laid back down to earth girl. Basically I am up for anything when it comes to finding something to do or somewhere to go. (Except spending extended amounts of time in an elevator, I hate elevators, I am not afraid of heights and I am not closterfobic, I just don't like the thought that of falling or being stuck in one.)

3 My favorite products to design are invitations and photocards. I would absolutely love to have my own brick and mortar shop in addition to my online stores. My brick and mortar store would specialize in wedding invitations and other wedding essentials along with special event invitaions (baby announcements, graduations, birthday etc.) I would also offer event and party planning services.

4 I am a true Floridian, born in the horse & cow country of Ocala, Fl. In 2002 I moved to the South Florida area, Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

5 My family means more to me than anything in the world, I have a wonderful husband, a very handsome & heart breaking 14 yr old son, a beautiful 21 yr old step daughter and she has two entergetic and gorgeous little girls.

How and when did you find zazzle?

I first discovered zazzle in June if 2009. I was looking for ways to design & sell invitations without actually spending a fortune on printing and supplies. I began scanning the web in search of ideas to start my own business. I ran across a few other POD's first, but while reading the reviews and articles on them, I suddenly noticed a trend, everyone was talking about moving to zazzle. I had to see what all the hoopla was about, so I signed up. Never even knowing what POD's were all about, I started researching more. At first I made my shop private and just stalked the forum for weeks trying to learn and understand all that I could. Finally by mid July I started creating designs and made an another account for my first shop, "Crafty Corner". I loaded my designs and kept my shop private until mid August. I quickly became addicted. After making my first sale on Sept. 1, 2009, I knew zazzle was the place for me.

What is the best advice you received since starting zazzle?

Have lots of patience and continue to add designs as much as possible, remember an online store is ALWAYS open.

If you were watching TV and saw an actor in a sitcom wearing your shirt/your poster or card was in the set what would you do?
Scream really loud with joy and try to start recording it then call EVERYONE in the phone book to tell them!

If you could choose any gift for your birthday from any shop other than your own, which would you choose and why?

Choosing one gift is very hard for me, but I think I found one..

If I got this card now it would mean that was turing 21 yrs. old again, which I passed that milestone almost 11 years ago. I would love to be 21 again & its always nice to dream!! LOL!!

Do you have any formal art or computer training?

no formal training in art or design past my high school years, most of my learning has been through simple trial and error.

List your shops:

craftycorner's Store at Zazzle
custommoments's Store at Zazzle

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1 I'm a passionate animal lover and have been a vegetarian since I was 13 years old

2 I love music but despite trying for the past 12 years I still can't play any song on my guitar without messing it up.

3 My favourite cartoon is The Moomins. I still watch it even though i'm 22. In fact I think the Groke from The Moomins inspired my love of all things gothic.

4 I once went on vacation to a little island off the coast of Scotland for 11 days. There was a population of less than 30 people living there and it was amazing!

5 I once went on a course where I learned to handle a false water cobra (not a true cobra but still a poisonous snake). So if anyone finds a Rattlesnake in London i'm the person to call.

How and when did you find zazzle?
I was hunting around for some merchandise for one of my favourite bands when I stumbled upon zazzle. I got off to a dodgy start but I got so addicted to it I wanted to share a little piece of my strange mind with the world. Zazzle has taught me so much.

Do you have any formal art or computer training? No, in fact being on zazzle has forced me to learn. I'm teaching myself to use design software. I got the worst marks for Art at school so I won't be doing any drawings or paintings anytime soon.

What is the best advice you received since starting zazzle? Erm I made a lot of mistakes before I got any advice, probably don't give up and if in doubt ask for advice thats what the forums are there for.

If you had to choose 1 product from your store(s) to be featured on a national ad campaign what would you choose? I think this one just because i'd like the humble sewer rat to get an image makeover.

If you could send any 1 pair of shoes from someone else's zazzle shop to a 3rd world country as a gift which would you choose and why?

red butterfly ferrets fairy shoe by strangeling because it's a beautiful design and has a fairytale element to it.

List your shops: just the 1 shop called natural beauty

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Polychrome's Palace

Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you:

1 I love the water. I love being in it, around it, near it etc. I could not live somewhere that wasn't close to it. Must be the Pisces in me.

2 Color makes me happy, yet you would never know this if you saw me walking down the street, as I wear a lot of black. I do not know why, it just happens that most clothes I have and fit are black. On the other hand if were to walk into my house, you will be accosted by color every where you look. Especially the kitchen, which is hot pink, purple, neon green and bright orange.

3 I'm scared to death of heights, so much so that all the money in the world couldn't tempt me to climb or be somewhere higher than a ski lift. I'm so not kidding.

4 In all my dreams I thought I'd be an artist. I grew up thinking I was not creative and had no imagination. It took me nearly 30 years to figure out that art is what I like to do best. I thought it was writing!

5 I've always felt I was born in the wrong era. I must have had a past life in 1940's or something, because I've always resonated with that era rather than my own. All my life I've felt that I didn't quite belong in my own generation.

How and when did you find zazzle?

I found it last year through another artist friend, though I didn't utilize it until this past month.

What advice would you give a friend if they wanted to try zazzling?

Be patient. It takes a ton of time to get going and to understand everything you can do on this site. It's amazing really. At first I thought all you had to do was post a few things with your art and people will flock to your store. How very wrong I was. I wish I knew in the beginning to be mindful of creating good descriptions and tags, otherwise I wouldn't still be revising 80 products.

Do you have any formal art or computer training?

None what so ever. Though I really wish I did.

What would you say if you were introduced to a stranger and they were wearing on of your Tshirts?

It depends, I'm really shy in person, so I may just gloat internally and not say anything. It really depends on the day. I suppose if I was feeling brave, I might say "Hey I really like your shirt!" Or something to that effect.

If you could choose any gift for your birthday from any shop other than your own, which would you choose and why?

Well I haven't found too many shops yet, but I do have a few favorites, and one of them would definitely be this..

List your shops:

Polychrome's Palace

Pick three designs to be featured:
Patchwork Quilt Grocery Tote bag
Patchwork Quilt Grocery Tote by mfauss
Shop the other canvas bags made at

CupKate Mouse pad mousepad
CupKate Mouse pad by mfauss
View more mousepads on

editors picks

Suzy Homemaker Grocery Tote bag
Suzy Homemaker Grocery Tote by mfauss
Make your own tote bags at

Monday, May 24, 2010


Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1 I served in the USAF, Army Reserve, and worked as a security contractor in South America.

2 I am the Art Director for World Rabies Day an initiative of the Global Alliance for Rabies Control.

3 I set up and maintain the Zazzle shop which benefits the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

4 My military designs are researched and historically accurate, I don't use scanned patches or low resolution images. All of my military designs are highly detailed designs created in Adobe Illustrator.

5 I work out of my home in Kansas and sell my t-shirts and other merchandise to people all over the world. This allows me to stay home and take care of my 5 year old son and daughter that will be born any day now. I never could have done this 10 years ago. It's a great world we are living in today.

Do you have any formal art or computer training?

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Kansas State University.

If you had to pick a birthday gift for someone, from any shop that is NOT yours, which would you pick and why?
something from vintagecabaret's Store at Zazzle I love Art Nouveau and many other people do also. Lots of great classics to choose from and great decorator pieces.

What programs do you use to make your designs?

Primarily Adobe Illustrator, sometimes Photoshop.

What advice would you give a friend if they wanted to try zazzling?

Learn some marketing and networking skills to promote your products.
No one will buy them if they don't know about them.

If you were watching TV and saw an actor in a sitcom wearing your shirt/your poster or card was in the set what would you do?

Jump up and down, tell my wife, post about it on my Facebook fan page, then I'd probably walk around all day with a cheezy grin on my face.

List your shops:

Here are a few of them

Pick three designs to be featured:

SAS shirt
SAS by ukarmy
Browse other Special T-Shirts

editors picks

Airborne 2 shirt
Airborne 2 by armyairborne
Make a custom tshirt on

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1 As much as I love Dallas, I would like to live in another US city before I kick off

2 I'm a pretty good cook

3 I'm also a professional actor

4 I love a good design challenge

5 I've lost about 200 lbs from 2006-2009 and taking that action is what inspired my first POD store (on another POD)

How and when did you find zazzle?

I had heard about Zazzle shortly after opening my second (other POD) shop but was frustrated by the interface Zazzle used at that point. After starting my arguably successful LMHBearWear line, I found myself needing larger sizes than CP offered and one of my CP mentors suggested Zazzle since they offered up to size 6XL on some of their T's. By this point, Zazzle had settled and found their groove and I was off and running. I started re-posting a lot of my CP designs on Zazzle and my third POD shop was born!

Do you have any formal art or computer training?

Nope! Completely self-taught

If you could send any 1 pair of shoes from someone else's zazzle shop to a 3rd world country as a gift which would you choose and why?

Oh wow. I have no clue! I'd probably send anything from a shopkeeper with anything decent and cool who needed the money from the sale as much as I would! Of course, knowing them personally would probably influence my choice...

What is the best advice you received since starting zazzle?

You cannot have too many designs/products and tag, tag, tag! It's something I'm still working on, but right now I have a lot of catching up to do since my last computer was stolen in August and I just now got it replaced

If you were watching TV and saw an actor in a sitcom wearing your shirt/your poster or card was in the set what would you do?

This is sort of happening to me right now, although I was give advance notice! Zazzle wrote me and told me that 20th Century Fox is using one of my sweatshirts in the movie "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". I haven't seen it yet, but given the whole back story of why my shirt was chosen, I'm pretty confident it's actually in the film. If I saw one of my designs used and it was a total surprise, I'd be on the phone the next day to the production company trying to get a still of the person wearing my product and start crowing about it all over Facebook and Twitter so fast...

List your shops:

LMHDesigns is my primary shop and then I also maintain


ProsperosCorner (next on my list for updating as some links on images have been broken)

I have several more in the works that will launch in the next month or so, collaborations with photographer friends specifically not for apparel. I can't wait!

Pick three designs to be featured:

If you don't mind bending the rules here a bit, I'd like to feature an entire collection as one design as I hate to break up a set! My "Felt Christmas Ornaments" were all designed to go together and I can't choose a favorite. The Reindeer design was the one used in the movie.

This one is a celebration of my home town and a personal triumph as it taught me a lot about using Photoshop in the process of creating it! When I said I loved a good design challenge, this is what I was talking about. I was determined to make this line of Texas cities, inspired by old barn-side ads and it forced me to learn a lot about using the program in the creative process. Zazzle recently selected the skateboard version using the entire collection as a TBA.

My "Seal of the Office of Santa Claus" is a personal favorite - another one that challenged me to learn a bit more about Illustrator than I knew at the time.

editors picks

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The miCHaEL DOdgE CoLLecTion

Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1 I live and Work in Wisconsin and a direct descendant of Governor Dodge of Wisconsin

2 I desperately want to move somewhere warmer!

3 I feel better when a pencil is in my hand. It helps Me go to My "Happy Place"

4 I feel strongly about the well being of animals.

5 I feel strongly about having God in My life. I feel his hand is always on My shoulder.

How and when did you find zazzle? In the Beginnig of 2009 I was looking to make a gift for My Wife, Beth, and I found Zazzle. I shortly there after applied for a Copyright on drawings I had done over Twenty Years ago!

If you could send any 1 pair of shoes from someone else's zazzle shop to a 3rd world country as a gift which would you choose and why? I dont think It would matter which design I choose that would make a difference, except I would definately choose a HiTop! Maybe something in Red.

Do you have any formal art or computer training? None. The closest thing would be Art Classes In Oak Creek High School, in which I Failed every one of them because I didnt have patience to finish anything. (this is why I doodle) The only other training was from My parents who often on their free time would paint and draw. As for computer training, Um... none. I learned what I can by trial and error . Mostly Error. I'm Thankful I have IT friends that I can call.

What advice would you give a friend if they wanted to try zazzling? Dont Zazzle too late at night, other wise, There will be mistakes that You'll find the next morning. Kinda' like going out drinking and ...never mind. More importantly : HAVE FUN!

If you were watching TV and saw an actor in a sitcom wearing your shirt/your poster or card was in the set what would you do? It's funny You should ask. I'm working on this situation right now. My Niece is in the "Biz" and I'd love to see this happen.

List your shops
klaatuwi's Store at Zazzle
mikeds's Store at Zazzle
I recently started this which is exclusive to just Keds Shoe designs.

Pick three designs to be featured:

If Bunnies Had Dentures still makes me smile, even after the twenty years I first drew it.
If Bunnies Had Dentures card
If Bunnies Had Dentures by KLAATUWI
Shop for a different greeting card online at

Incident At Oz was just a self indulgent idea that has become a bestseller

Lunar Dog Park is My newest addition.
Lunar Dog Park card
Lunar Dog Park by KLAATUWI
Create a notecard online at

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