Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1 In my near always wear a gas mask, because I am a heavy smoker.

2 Never ask me if I can fix anything, because I have two left Hands.

3 Do not come with a dog in my near, because he will smell my cat

4 Never ever offer me to accompany me go fishing, because I can´t stop before days are gone.

5 Lie to me never, because I can see it.

do you have any formal art or computer training?

I have trainings in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and

Maxon Cinema 4D. Self taught I have ZBrush and Vue Infinite. If I have time, I

am painting with Oil and Watercolors.

What programs do you use to make your designs?

At time usualy Poser Content, which I import in Cinema 4D for rendering. After that

finetuning with Photoshop. Most of my Images I use for Print and Poster are done

with Vue Infinite or plain Composings with Photoshop.

If you were watching TV and saw an actor in a sitcom wearing your shirt/your poster or card was in the set what would you do?

Well, what a Question. Sitcoms are not my cup of tea, but I would like to see Dr. House wearing one od my

designs. Oh, wait, there is for sure a Sitcom I can think of. The Big Bang Theorie. In both cases, I would first

grab my glasses to make shure I see right. Without glasses, I make too many prints from my nose on the screen.

Then....... Hey Party Time. :-)

If you could choose any gift for your birthday from any shop other than your own, which would you choose and why?

Well, I am a big lover for Bat´s. Perhaps I have to be, cause I am a caver. Bat´s are in my opinion one of

the most beautiful Species.

What is the best advice you received since starting zazzle?


The Informations from this thread was very very useful for me as beginner.

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