Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Polychrome's Palace

Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you:

1 I love the water. I love being in it, around it, near it etc. I could not live somewhere that wasn't close to it. Must be the Pisces in me.

2 Color makes me happy, yet you would never know this if you saw me walking down the street, as I wear a lot of black. I do not know why, it just happens that most clothes I have and fit are black. On the other hand if were to walk into my house, you will be accosted by color every where you look. Especially the kitchen, which is hot pink, purple, neon green and bright orange.

3 I'm scared to death of heights, so much so that all the money in the world couldn't tempt me to climb or be somewhere higher than a ski lift. I'm so not kidding.

4 In all my dreams I thought I'd be an artist. I grew up thinking I was not creative and had no imagination. It took me nearly 30 years to figure out that art is what I like to do best. I thought it was writing!

5 I've always felt I was born in the wrong era. I must have had a past life in 1940's or something, because I've always resonated with that era rather than my own. All my life I've felt that I didn't quite belong in my own generation.

How and when did you find zazzle?

I found it last year through another artist friend, though I didn't utilize it until this past month.

What advice would you give a friend if they wanted to try zazzling?

Be patient. It takes a ton of time to get going and to understand everything you can do on this site. It's amazing really. At first I thought all you had to do was post a few things with your art and people will flock to your store. How very wrong I was. I wish I knew in the beginning to be mindful of creating good descriptions and tags, otherwise I wouldn't still be revising 80 products.

Do you have any formal art or computer training?

None what so ever. Though I really wish I did.

What would you say if you were introduced to a stranger and they were wearing on of your Tshirts?

It depends, I'm really shy in person, so I may just gloat internally and not say anything. It really depends on the day. I suppose if I was feeling brave, I might say "Hey I really like your shirt!" Or something to that effect.

If you could choose any gift for your birthday from any shop other than your own, which would you choose and why?

Well I haven't found too many shops yet, but I do have a few favorites, and one of them would definitely be this..

List your shops:

Polychrome's Palace

Pick three designs to be featured:
Patchwork Quilt Grocery Tote bag
Patchwork Quilt Grocery Tote by mfauss
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CupKate Mouse pad mousepad
CupKate Mouse pad by mfauss
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editors picks

Suzy Homemaker Grocery Tote bag
Suzy Homemaker Grocery Tote by mfauss
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