Friday, May 21, 2010

Alina's Pencil: whimsical words and pictures

Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you
1 I love music and I love to dance.
2 I'm a night person.
3 I am a chronic insomniac. Do not wake me up unless the house is on fire and I'm in it!
4 I am prone to uncontrollable bouts of laughter in the company of friends who have no idea what I’m laughing about.
5 If I am not hungry and not laughing, that means I'm sick.

Do you have any formal art or computer training?
Uh, does watching and drawing along with "Blitz on Cartooning" and "Imagination Station" on public TV count?

What programs do you use to make your designs?

Xara Xtreme, the fastest, easiest to learn and use, most affordable vector art program available!

What is the best advice you received since starting zazzle?

To quote Softproduct's Steve, from his ebook, You Suck at Zazzle: "This is a marathon, not a sprint."

If you were abducted by aliens and knew you would have to wear the same shirt for the rest of your life - which one from your store would you want it to be?
Wow, that's almost as hard as having to choose ONE bar of chocolate from my 20-pound stash of international chocolates in my fridge…don't touch that, either!

I'd have to say my Davul Zurna Balkan Instruments Band shirt, because it makes me smile, it easily evokes the Balkan music that I love to dance to, and because wherever I've traveled, music and dance have always been able to reach across cultures and allow us to communicate with each other. Ajde! (I wonder what kind of drums the aliens will play…)

If you were shopping for a new T shirt and had to choose from someone else's zazzle shop which product would you buy and why?
"Elephant Portrait" on a black shirt, from Wildlife Art, because Kathie Miller so perfectly captures the spirits of the majestic, intelligent, endangered animals who are dying because of human selfishness. She is able to portray what even photographs cannot. As someone who has spent time in the company of wild animals of many different species, I appreciate how tolerant they are of us, and how respectful. I only wish we would be the same to them. Kathie puts the souls of the animals right into the art she creates, and her striking images speak volumes.

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