Sunday, April 11, 2010


Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you
1) I'm not really one to talk about myself ;)
2) I'm not only a Zazzler, I have an Arts Projekt page as well :D
3) If you steal someone else's design, I will find you. Oh yes, I will. Nothing worse than a copyright infringing thief.
4) You won't see me in the forums much because I think they are evil.
5) If you wan't my honest opinion on something, I will give it. That doesn't mean you will like what I have to say :D

How has zazzle changed your life/lifestyle? I started my first Zazzle store back in 2006 and since then, I have lost sleep because I spend all night thinking of new designs, I've missed meals because I was too busy creating new products, but most importantly, I've made some of the best friends of my life there :)

What programs do you use to make your designs?
And how did you learn to use
the program(s)? HA. Up until this past week, I was one of the few old school people who only had Microsoft Paint to create with. Yeah, I said it, 'PAINT'. Pretty craptastic, no? I hand draw everything and scan it into the computer and mess with it in whatever funky program I can find. I'm learning illustrator now so watch out world! :)

If you were abducted by aliens and knew you would have to wear the same
shirt for the rest of your life - which one from your store would you want
it to be?
oooh, Id say this one: Both of my girls have this tee, too :) That way we would all match :)

What is the best advice you can give to a new zazzler?

Be yourself. Don't make what you think will sell. Make what you WANT to make. Your passion will shine through your work. Trust me. Carbon copies are just that--copies. Do your own thing, be yourself, and most of all, have fun doing it.
If you don't enjoy what you create, you are doing something wrong :)

If you spilled coffee on your mouse pad and needed to replace it with a
mouse pad NOT from your store, which would you choose and why?
I would chose this one: because first of all, I adore froggies and second, the mousepad I have now was designed by Crockpot Products and I LOVE it! (It was custom designed just for ME!) Besides, I dont drink coffee so I really wouldnt have to worry about it anyway. :D

List your shops:
hahpistuff's Store at Zazzle
Shazjustice's Store at Zazzle

Pick three designs to be featured:

Editors Picks (this is one of my favorite stores so this is a hard choice!!)

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