Monday, April 26, 2010

Michele Webber

Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1 I am a freelance artist and art tutor, specialising in Watercolour painting.

2 I am a single mum to a slightly mad teenage daughter.

3 I have been vegetarian for 21 years.

4 Despite the perception that artists live in squalor surrounded by paint and debris... I am obssessively neat and tidy.

5 I love to write, and since discovering Squidoo, I am in squid heaven. I know it's heaven because they have angels.

How and when did you find zazzle?

I found Zazzle in October 2009 after reading an article in Artists and Illustrators magazine about marketing art images, two of the five artists interviewed recommended Zazzle.

If you were abducted by aliens and knew you would have to wear the same shirt for the rest of your life - which one from your store would you want it to be?

A difficult question, since I have only a few t-shirts in my store so far, and tend only to wear casual clothing to the gym, but this is my favourite adult shirt so far, because it is so feminine:

Do you have any formal art or computer training?

Some very minor art qualifications, but I have generally found I am excessively unhappy in formal education, finding it restrictive and limiting. Luckily however, I have attended many courses and classes with talented artists, in particular a hightly talented watercolour botanical artist. As I now teach my own classes I find that learning is a two way thing, I teach my students, and learn from them too. Learning never stops in art, so when I am feeling short of inspiration I take a short course, or go to paint with a friend who is a fabulous oil painter. Any minor abilities I have with computers and graphics are mainly self taught, and involve much swearing at the screen/ instruction manual.

If you could send any 1 pair of shoes from someone else's zazzle shop to a 3rd world country as a gift which would you choose and why?

I choose these sea shell shoes, because I adore shells, but also because they remind us that the world is a huge place of oceans, countries, cities, and there is opportunity for everyone, even if in your own small part of the world that seems difficult to comprehend.

If you could give every new shopkeeper 1 piece of advice what would you tell them?

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  1. Thank you shopaholic chick for featuring my work, I only just caught up with the blog as I have been off squidooing (if that is a word). Enjoying reading the interviews!