Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shopaholic Chick

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Shopaholic Chick
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1. I love to travel

2. I am always freezing cold

3. I have degrees in Criminal Justice & History
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Depends on my mood
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This shirt was my first sale back in 2005 - when i only had about 3 designs up on POD's and it sold within 24 hours....it still sells occasionally but either way i just love it...it reads "I do not have an attitude problem...I have an attitude i just don't find it to be a problem"
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Shopaholic Chick
Dragons Lair
Say I Love You
Alien Nation
Witches Wardrobe
Graduation Station
Kiki Kitty
Peace People
Same Sex Marriage
Triple Goddess
Anime Nation
What If...
Occupation Station
Just Sports
Addicted to
B is for Birds
Chasing the Gnome
Left Handed Cards
That's My Baby
Clown Town
From Santa's Desk

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