Friday, February 11, 2011

Susan's Zoo Crew

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Susan's Zoo Crew
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1. I play bass guitar, percussion, and used to play harp :).
2. My favorite color is aquamarine......I learned how to say that from my favorite crayon!
3. I have a degree in Accounting......but sitting at a desk for a long time makes me antsy!
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Depends on my mood
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This instant this is my favorite product. I took this as a friend was putting her wedding veil on with her sister's help. They were standing against a sliding door with the blinds open, and the bright Florida sun turned them into basically outlines. When I make the picture black and white, it became almost an abstract of two women putting a veil on, with the lacy veil fabric becoming almost a cloud around their hands.....this is also the bride's favorite picture of the day.
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