Sunday, February 6, 2011


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IM a Cancer/Leo cusp with an all Leo heart who is also a Fire Dragon in Chinese Astrolgy, I think this combo gives me super powers.

I've worn my hair in a mohawk more than once and rocked it like it was hot!

I work in the video game industry making graphics for the video games our kids & husbands play. It's a tough job but some broads gotta do it ;)

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With the TV on in the background
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My FAV product is my Muerte Day of the Dead Skull design. Its completely original and the colors are so stunning. Not only do I love it on paper, but my husband got it as a tattoo on his leg. Its just a great symbol of not only a culture but of tattoos as well and how beautiful both are. I guess it makes my soul speak, which is good :)
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