Monday, February 7, 2011

Western Spirit Designs

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Western Spirit Designs
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Washington State
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1. I'm a member of "The Indie Exhibit", a group of artists and craftspeople who provide gift bags for celebrities at awards shows.
2. I'm really just a cowgirl "wannabe".
3. I'm a "sensitive"... I sense things (and know some things) before they happen.
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Doesn't matter when I get in the zone bombs could be going off...
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"The Conversation" Angel Poster Print.

It's the image of an angel in a conversation with God, who is represented as a bright ball of light. You can find it here:

It holds special meaning for me. I had just finished this piece and uploaded it to Zazzle, when I got word my Dad had passed away. The following week I won an award for it. It is dedicated to my Dad.
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