Monday, January 31, 2011

B K Muir

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B K Muir
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  • Blogger/Blogspot
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A Part Time income I would like to be a full time income
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Vallejo, California
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Yes from my own store only
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By Paypal
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1. I have been taking photographs for most of my life.
2. I love rehabilitating my old houses.
3. I will probably always share my home with at least one cat, currently a polydactyle black cat names Darby.
Do you prefer to work: *
In complete silence
What is your favorite product in your shop, and why? Include link & why it is your favorite *
This notebook:
It is a photo that I took on my table top and it just looks so good in this large format. I love that you can see the bubbles in the glass marbles.
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