Saturday, January 15, 2011


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What advice that you received as a shopkeeper or learned from trial and error - would you like to pass on to someone else? *
To focus on quality of products and make sure I am creating something that I would like to own.
How often do you add new products or designs? *
Several times a week, but not every day
If you came into $100,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? *
I'd pay off my car, and take a trip to Europe. Always wanted to visit Greece and Italy.
What is the last product you added to your store? *
What would you do if you saw an actor on TV wearing one of your shirts, or one of your products on the set of a popular Tv show or movie? *
Smile very BIG. Tell my friends. And then I'd announce it on my website. And maybe even try to contact the show and actor.
Do you have any formal art or computer training? *
Yes, art only
What programs do you use to create your designs? What do you like about them? *
I use Photoshop CS. It is an amazing and versatile program with seemingly limitless possibilities. Been using it for years now and still have much to learn.
Other than your own shop(s) - what 1 shop on zazzle created by someone else, is your absolute favorite? *
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