Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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What advice that you received as a shopkeeper or learned from trial and error - would you like to pass on to someone else? *
...ALWAYS test anything with "templete" fields BEFORE you publish it to the public at large. Help your prospective clients avoid frustration with fields that don't work as you'd intended.
How often do you add new products or designs? *
Several times a week, but not every day
If you came into $100,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? *
50,000 goes straight-away to the mortgage company - pay down the debt! Probably about 30,000 would have to be put aside for the IRS. The remaining 20,000? 5,000 of that would go to a long overdue honeymoon. 15,000 left? Well, suffice it to say that the design and photography room of the house would be NICELY stocked! The Apple Store and B&H would both have some happy salespeople on THAT day!
What is the last product you added to your store? *
What would you do if you saw an actor on TV wearing one of your shirts, or one of your products on the set of a popular Tv show or movie? *
Well, if the iPhone was in hand, I may just have to dial 911 - surely, I'd have a coronary! Then, after a bit of recovery, the facebook post would HAVE to follow.
Do you have any formal art or computer training? *
No, I taught myself
What programs do you use to create your designs? What do you like about them? *
I must admit my love affair with Photoshop! The versatility of this ever changing program has kept me enchanted for years, now - always finding new ways of manipulating my images - don't know if it's even possible to have complete mastery of the program. I just LOVE that I'm always finding new ways of combining its features. Photoshop is an essential part of my creative process.

When I'm away from my home computer system, I play a bit with Gimp, too. The ability to use a free program is wonderful - but, it just doesn't hold a candle to Photoshop.
Other than your own shop(s) - what 1 shop on zazzle created by someone else, is your absolute favorite? *
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