Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cute and Strange Creatures Store

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Cute and Strange Creatures Store
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My personal favorite is this Monster Kingpin Jailed T-shirt, though it's not selling nearly as much as the cute Dazzled Bug. Monster Kingpin Jailed shirt is a black male T-shirt with a grinning blue monster with sharp teeth looking from behind jail bars. It's a dark and at the same time funny design.
I love cute designs and I love wicked designs, that's why I make both. Moreover, I love monsters with a personality and I love what the design symbolizes - I have a monster inside, but I keep it jailed, it's not coming out... well, hopefully it's not... :)

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If you could get your item on any TV show - which item would it be and what show would it be on....and why??? *
It's a blue paper textured mousepad with a happy singing robot which sings about the times when robots ruled the universe. It has a slightly vintage look.
The show I would like it to appear on would be Big Bang Theory, which I am a keen fan of. It's a show about four nerd scientists who happen to be friends. Leonard (one of the main characters) is often pictured playing, chatting, looking at science data and so on on his laptop and I think this mousepad would look really great there. I think it suits the geeky/nerdy style of the show.

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It's been long ago and I don't remember well but I think it was through a link from Deviantart's forums. I love the freedom Zazzle gives me and it's really cool to see my designs as they will look on the final products. I have two wonderful children at home and Zazzle is a great way to earn money while taking proper care of them. I've found so many amazing designers and products that my wish list has become huge. When I see a talented designer, a wonderful product, it's a pleasure, I get happier.
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