Friday, May 4, 2012

Those cool animals

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Those cool animals
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I like how the blurred sun works on all the different colours, changing the image. And I had fun drawing a silly pun here (yes, the words came first with this one). Dinosaurs are always cool, of course, and so I was able to combine this with a relaxed summer image and the sense of danger and adventure. I even got a TBA for it (yes I am aware this doesn't mean anything. And I still dream that maybe, one day, somebody, somewhere, might like it enough to buy one.
Anyway, I like all of them in a way.
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I'd love to see my bat guinea pig featured on Futurama :-) It just fits perfectly to these crazy mutants and aliens.
Maybe it could be a dark opponent to nibbler, or maybe it could magically help me to expand this answer to 100 words, because actually this is all I can say about the topic and I am only at 64 words now. I might add that I am not an expert as I don't ever watch TV (did I mention I am a deer?), but I will not give up and answer this question in 100 words.
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I had a few drawings and wanted to make postcards, so I searched and found zazzle. Never had heard of it before.
Being a deer it was difficult to find someone who would not print on leaves (they don't last). Today, postcards are only a small part of what I create here with all the different products available.
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  • Hand drawing then photographing them into my computer
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