Sunday, May 20, 2012

Diane Clancy's Art

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Diane Clancy's Art
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Dawn of Time – Lime & Gold is a fractal that I have created. I think the iPad skin is a great way to showcase my different fractals.

I love the golden white arc of light in the lower left corner - it inspires me. The march of blue, green, teal seeds across the middle both energizes and stabilizes.

The dark blue green arms whoosh from both the left and right at the top. They feel protective and nurturing to me. The green, yellow and gold pattern in the background is both geometric and natural. This enlivens and brightens the painting. I like it because it makes me happy.

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Conundrum I - Rainbow Women is my signature piece that I use across the web to identify me. I use the left eye as my avatar. For banners, I use a swatch of the middle through the eyes. This mixed media collage let's people know that the site, shop, etc is associated with me.

Conundrum I is a fabric and paint collage inspired by quilting. The rainbow colored woman's face is created with alternating columns of fabric and acrylic paint, changing between light and dark.

The View is the TV show where I want my painting showcased. I think the hosts would like it - perhaps they would look at other of my paintings. I would love it if they would buy it and encourage others to get my work.

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I heard about Zazzle from other artists as a way to put our paintings on merchandise. This is something I have always wanted to do - make my work accessible in a way that allows people to enjoy my work in their daily lives.

When I first started my art business formally in 1998, one of my goals was to have my paintings on items like mugs so that customers could look at my work as they are living their lives at home and work.

Zazzle has an incredible variety of things to put my paintings on. I thought I was going to have to come up with a way to do that myself. I am very excited to have shops where I can showcase my different kinds of art, all without having to create the merchandise first. I love that someone can go to my shop, choose an item and then customize that item as they desire. It has been great fun connecting with different people who love my paintings and then can go purchase them.

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