Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CCreech Studio Art and Illustration

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CCreech Studio Art and Illustration
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This is one of my favorite designs because I did the illustration of the leaf in one afternoon, after some fall inspiration. Then I worked on creating a pattern repeat, which took some time to get right. I really love the colors and arrangement of the leaves. It's a fun design to put on the iPad case you see here as well as stickers, other cases, mugs, and even plates. As much as I enjoy creating black and white artwork with ink or graphite pencil, I love a piece with some vibrant color like this one. Colored pencils are one of my favorite media!

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Bones! I just love that show. I do a lot of simple, but realistic and accurate botanical illustrations, and I could see one of my botanical prints as a background decoration on the wall in one of their offices, or maybe as a candy jar on a desk. Maybe my woodland peony seed pod drawing in Hodgins office (he's an expert on bugs, pollens, etc.) Oh! I just thought of this, one of the main characters is Booth, an FBI agent, and he is known for wearing crazy ties and socks. Maybe in a spring episode he could sport my yellow daffodil tie! That would be great. http://www.zazzle.com/daffodil_tie-151165412904241656

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I heard about Zazzle on a listserv and thought it would be fun to try it out mainly to get prints of my work on cards, but also to put on other items for sale. I set up a shop in 2009, but didn't really put much in it until the fall of 2010. I love that I can order whatever quantity of cards or other products that I need for my own promotional purposes (charity donations, giveaways on my blog, gifts for friends and family, as well as the indiExhibit for celebrity gifting.) I also love getting my work out to a larger audience and having an opportunity to share my love of nature and illustration with those folks that it appeals to. My shop is a little different than most with the specialty emphasis on botanical and nature illustration. It's sort of a niche, but if it appeals to someone, it may just have exactly what they want!

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