Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bluewren's Treasures

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Bluewren's Treasures
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I love creating designs incorporating the Chinese Double Happiness symbol. I use this design on many products, but particularly wedding stationery and keepsakes as well as anniversary and engagement items. This year, I've also created some Double Happiness Calendars, which I particulary enjoy creating, as they incorporate 12 different images all featuring the auspicious Double Happiness symbol. These have been a labour of love, as I try to ensure that all the images within the calendar are complimentary and of the highest quality. The back cover of the calendar features all twelve images, giving the calendar that little added extra that customers appreciate.

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If you could get your item on any TV show - which item would it be and what show would it be on....and why??? *
I would be so excited if my Lavender Lane Wedding Invitation were to be featured on 'Four Weddings', used by one of the brides to co-ordinate with her lavender theme for her wedding. This delicate design features a photograph of an amythyst stone and matching ribbon with an art nouveau flower design above the ribbon. This design is also featured on a wide range of wedding stationery, keepsakes, wedding planner and more. What better exposure for my Lavender Lane wedding stationery, for my Custom Invites For You store and for Zazzle, than to be featured on a tv show that is totally dedicated to weddings.

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I stumbled upon Zazzle several years ago when I was exploring ways to market my photography online. I was already involved with microstock, and had several portfolios with different agencies. My first experience with Zazzle was interesting, however, at that time, I didn't see any sales with my small number of items in my first shop, and as many newbies do, I drifted off and neglected to keep adding and updating. About a year later, I revisited my Zazzle store, Bluewren's Treasures, and got serious about building my inventory, branching out into wedding stationery with my second store, Custom Invites For You and then a third, Serendipatees, which is all things good for kids. Two Grooms is the latest addition to my collection of Zazzle stores. Zazzle has now become a major part of my online endeavours, and I'm so glad I persisted as I am now seeing impressive sales figures which I never imagined were possible in my early days as a Zazzle newbie.

I create images by... *
  • Hand drawing then scanning them into the computer
  • Photography
  • Designing them in the computer using rendering software
  • Drawing them in the computer in an art program
  • Purchasing others art and editing it to suit my needs
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