Thursday, May 24, 2012


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  • Desktop PC
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I haven't sold any of these yet. I really had an awesome time creating it though. That's what I enjoy most about zazzle, is the creating part. I haven't sold but 2 things and it really doesn't matter. This product is very cute and girly and I know loads of people can relate to it. Everyone says diamonds are a girls best friend but I strongly disagree. I personally prefer chocolate anyday over diamonds! This design is on many other products so you're sure to find one that you can realy enjoy. I have other designs that are similar to this one as well!

What sites do you use to promote your zazzle store? (directly or indirectly - such as sites you use to promote your blogs which promote your store) *
  • Twitter
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  • Stumbleupon
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  • G+ (google+)
  • Squidoo
If you could get your item on any TV show - which item would it be and what show would it be on....and why??? *

I would want to see this on Sex and the City. This design would go great with the show because it's very girly and flirty and promotes shopping! It's no secret that girls love to shop, so why not show off your love for it? I think this is most deffinatly something I could see Sarah Jessica Parker's character using for sure! As much as those girls love shopping, I could see all three of them having a case like this personalized with their names. I also have the design on Iphone cases and laptop sleeve. It's simply very "Sex and the City."

Do you prefer to work.... *
  • Early afternoon
How did you find zazzle - and what kept you going with it? *
I was looking for ways to make some extra money online when I came across Zazzle. I was skeptical at first but then it just started growing on me. I've only made 2 sales in the months that I have been here, but I have so much fun creating things and coming up with new designs. I don't much care about the money, it's not really about that. I get enjoyment in seeing things I've created on items other people may enjoy.
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  • Hand drawing then photographing them into my computer
  • Photography
  • Designing them in the computer using rendering software
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