Monday, April 30, 2012


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  • Laptop PC
What is your favorite design from your shop to create - even if it is not a best seller? and why is it your favorite? *

This painting of two frolicking zebras was a delight for me to create, because I love zebras, and I love pink! Zebras have the most beautiful and fascinating coats ever, and they even have stripes in their manes...they are living works of art. I love the combination of pink and black so it was actually something like indulging myself when I painted two zebras with a pink and black colour scheme. And roses are one of my favourite flowers, though of course I love all flowers. So this painting is amongst my very favourite of all the paintings that I have ever created.

What sites do you use to promote your zazzle store? (directly or indirectly - such as sites you use to promote your blogs which promote your store) *
  • Blogger/ Blogspot
If you could get your item on any TV show - which item would it be and what show would it be on....and why??? *

I would choose this painting because I love horses, and because this is my first ever, as well as my only oil painting; and if I can ever manage to conquer the obstacles, I hope to create more oil paintings in future, especially paintings of horses and fantasy art. I always like to paint my horses without any reins or whatever else humans put on them, for I prefer that these noble and beautiful creatures should be free. When I painted this painting I immediately knew that oils are a medium which suit me very well as an artist.
Do you prefer to work.... *
  • Night
How did you find zazzle - and what kept you going with it? *
I found Zazzle thanks to someone who told me about it. I keep going with it because my dream is to make my living as an artist, and recently Zazzle has come out with such very cool things, like porcelain teapots (I love teapots).
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  • Hand drawing then scanning them into the computer
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