Friday, April 20, 2012

Cartesian Bear *************

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Cartesian Bear
How has zazzle changed your life? *
Hmm ... it's given me an outlet for my weird sense of humor? It's let me play with image-creation software? It lets me claim I'm working when I'm hiding behind my laptop?

I'd love to say it's made me independently wealthy, but I don't lie.
Zazzle is a... *
  • Part Time Job
What advice would you share with a friend or family member if they wanted to join zazzle? *
First, Zazzle is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes work, and there's some frustration at times. It's almost more important to be good at marketing than art, though the ability to design a good image is essential.
What other PODs do you use? *
  • Zazzle
  • Printfection
What do you do when you are not zazzling? *
Full time mom, Freecycle group owner, volunteer at my kids' schools, web designer, fiber artist, and most recently, mobile app developer.
How many stores do you have on zazzle? *
Which do you prefer and why? 1 Mega Store or Several Niche Stores *
I started with just Cartesian Bear, which is focused on just a couple of related areas. [science fiction, gifted education, science/engineering, all with a witty, humorous touch.] When I decided to do some steampunk designs, I set up a new store for those. And very recently, I've set up a store to sell products with some of the images from my apps.
I usually work... *
  • On my laptop on my lap
A List of your stores *

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