Thursday, April 26, 2012


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  • Desktop PC
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What is your favorite design from your shop to create - even if it is not a best seller? and why is it your favorite? *

The photo on the front of this calendar is my favorite design. It is a photo of Prague and it is my favorite because i love the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. It was taken on a trip with my friend in 2008. We enjoyed the beautiful historical places in Prague and also eating and shopping. I love the blue water of the Vltava River that runs through Prague and the beautiful, old architecture of the buildings of Prauge. I think that the spires on top of the buildings in Prague and other European cities are so beautiful.
What sites do you use to promote your zazzle store? (directly or indirectly - such as sites you use to promote your blogs which promote your store) *
  • Amazon wishlist
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  • Posterous
  • Twitter
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  • Delicious
  • General forums
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If you could get your item on any TV show - which item would it be and what show would it be on....and why??? *

The television show that I would want this laptop bag to be featured on would be the Rick Steves show. Rick travels through Europe and makes travel documentaries and television shows about all of the amazing places that he visits in Europe. I have seen his shows on the Travel Channel but I think currently hei s on public television and he also makes travel DVDs that are available to purchase. Rick Steves could really use this beautiful Prague laptop bag to protect and carry his laptop in as he travels throughout Europe making his television shows and documentaries.

Do you prefer to work.... *
  • Late morning
  • Night
  • Late night
How did you find zazzle - and what kept you going with it? *
I met someone at a conference who told me about Zazzle. When I got home I uploaded some of my flower photos, made some products and forgot about it. About two months later I got an e-mail from Zazzle stating that I had sold a pair of $67.50 Keds shoes. The customer was referred from my website so I made about $20 between the royaly and the referral fee. I was hooked from that point on and now I have about 20 stores.
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  • Photography
  • Creatively using text only
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