Monday, April 25, 2011


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When did you start zazzling? *
1-2 years
What is something special you have bought - or would like to buy with your zazzle income? *
Purchased some of my funniest and off the wall items - T-Shirts and Caps.
The income I receive from Zazzle is play money. I also subscribed to a clip art website that has over a million images to use royalty free as designs for my products. I like to change them up a little so the design has my warped touch.
I want zazzle to be my
What types of education do you have that helps with Zazzle? *
  • No Past Experience - I am learning as I go!
What is the best advice you have seen, or received about zazzling? *
Use Proper Tags to describe your merchandise. Proper Tags will help your merchandise get found by interest shoppers and the spiders that crawl the web to get online stores noticed.
Promote, Promote, Promote.
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What types or designs do you offer? *
  • Text only
  • Clipart only
  • Abstracts
  • Text & Clipart
  • Text & Photography
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