Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Body English

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Body English
How long did it take you to become a proseller? *
6-12 months
What advice can you give to someone who wants to become a proseller? *
Create niches & theme shops! Advertise everywhere you can! Blog! Tweet! Get featured! link to your other shops & include others products in your shops. create "tops picks" in your shops! Write good product descriptions! Ask people to feature you on their blogs or sites.
How many stores do you have? *
What benefits do you see for choosing this number of stores? and what do you recommend for others who are just starting out on whether to choose 1 store or multiple stores? *
It is easier to advertise niche shops! More shops & more products, more sales! If you have a variety of unrelated designs perhaps individual niches shops are good. It is good to test out different themes in different shops to see what appeals to the buyers. Having said that I do the best in my main store that is like a department store with a variety of themes. but I stock it well with lots of themes & designs.
What types of advertising do you do? *
  • Off-Zazzle websites
  • Blogs (blogspot, wordpress, etc.)
  • SNS (facebook, myspace, etc.)
  • Handouts (flyers, stickers, business cards, etc.)
  • Forums (groups, messege boards, etc.)
  • Other Free
What types of advertising do you recommend for someone just starting out and why? *
I recommend sites like & craigslist. They are free and with tribe you can advertise in many cities all over the world.
Not talking dollar wise, just volume & frequency of sales do you... (select all that apply, some answer may be contradictory based on seasonal sales) *
  • sell at least 1 product per day very day all year
  • sell a lot of mid priced items like tshirt and necklaces
What product in your store are you most proud of or what product in your store is your favorite? Include link to product page and why it is your favorite. *
It is too hard to pick just one but I have had a lot of sales of my "carpe diem" tee & the colors look fabulous on a black tee! But I have others i like more.
List your stores: *

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