Sunday, April 17, 2011

Briana Blair

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Briana Blair
When did you start zazzling? *
1-2 years
What is something special you have bought - or would like to buy with your zazzle income? *
I used some of my income to buy a graphics tablet so I could do better art. I love it and it was well worth it.
I want zazzle to be my
full time job
What types of education do you have that helps with Zazzle? *
  • No Past Experience - I am learning as I go!
What is the best advice you have seen, or received about zazzling? *
Don't give up. Some people get discouraged (and I have too from time to time) because it's not going to get you making five or six figures a year right away. However, as I keep at it, learn from other Zazzlers and expand my art skills, I make a little more every month, and I can see my success on the horizon. Just keep at it, and the buyers *will* come!
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What types or designs do you offer? *
  • Text only
  • Handdrawn/scans or photos of paintings only
  • Abstracts
  • Text & Handdrawn
  • Text & Public Domain
  • Text & Abstracts
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