Friday, June 1, 2012

Noteable Expressions

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Noteable Expressions
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I love creating almost every wedding invitation set that I do. I try and imagine what I would like my invitations to look like if it were my 'theme.' That being said, some of my absolute favorites are my peacock inspired designs. I just really have a thing for peacocks.

Every time we go to a zoo - I don't consider the trip complete until I've chased down at least a couple to take pictures of! But as much as I love to look at them there is nothing worse than living close to one!

True story... when I lived in New Mexico (in a very small town) there was a neighbor who kept pet peacocks. If you think roosters are bad - wait until your are woken up from a dead sleep by the shrill scream of a peacock!

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Gothic Barbed Wire and Rose Elegant Wedding Invitation

This gothic design is very cool and unique. Who says Gothic can't be elegant? Not me! This gorgeous design has a black background with a barbed wire frame at the bottom and left. In the lower left corner there is a deep red rose with a circle of barbed wire around the stems. Most of my wedding sets have invitations, save the date cards, response cards, thank you cards, table number tent cards, envelope seals, wine labels, binders, envelopes, and return address labels available. Use the envelope seal stickers for any of your DIY gifts - these are available in both large and small sizes!

I would love to see this invitation used on Supernatural - maybe a demon in disguise marrying either Sam or Dean. What a hoot!

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Originally, I found Zazzle when I was looking for a place to print some t-shirts for a design group I was working with - Artifex. I would visit a few times a year and upload a few random things every once in a while but I was busy with other things going on at the time.

After my youngest was born, we decided that I would stay home with her instead of going back to work. But I quickly found out that babies sleep - like A LOT! So I started going room by room and re-painting our house because I needed to be creative and busy. Well, I soon ran out of rooms to paint and started getting a bit more creative... 6 foot tall lighthouses in the bathroom... 15 foot murals in the dining room... you get the idea. Hubby finally got tired of coming home not knowing what the house would like like on any given day! So I started looking into Zazzle a bit more seriously. Now, I'm earning as much as my take home pay was from my full-time job before and the house looks a lot more 'normal' without the ever-changing walls!

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