Thursday, June 21, 2012

Erin Mac Designs

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Erin Mac Designs
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My whole "I Will Not Sink" line is my favorite because it's an inspiring quote, with a beautiful depiction of it. I am also a sea girl so anything nautical makes me happy.

That whole Weird Bee store is going to be geared towards inspiring/motivational quotes. I think in today's world we all need a little boost to get us through the day. Whether it's telling ourselves we are beautiful or that we are worth it. There will be a whole section about bullying and all of my proceeds will go towards a charity that helps children who have to deal with it.

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If you could get your item on any TV show - which item would it be and what show would it be on....and why??? *
This is a hard question, because I would love to see any of my designs on any TV show, it would be amazing! But if I had to pick just one I would go with, ( my Tattoo Guitar Shirt on Suburgatory. I think it would fit Tess really well because she has a very Indie/Artistic vibe about her.

It is a line drawn electric guitar with vines and leaves wrapped around it. Has a tattoo feel to it, and is very colorful. It was one of my first designs and holds a special place in my heart as the jump start to my career.
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While looking for something I could make some money on and use my creativity. I loved it so I stayed!
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  • Photography
  • Designing them in the computer using rendering software
  • Purchasing others art and editing it to suit my needs
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