Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Nature Photography

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Fun Nature Photography
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This is my favorite design and it also sells really well...especially the poster, although the photo comes on all kinds of products. It's my favorite because: 1) I love taking funny squirrel pictures and 2) this picture always seems to get a chuckle. I know because I sell my photos at art fairs as well as on Zazzle, and I get to see peoples' reactions firsthand. Oh, and 3) I like to show that animals can have human characteristics and qualities, and this picture reminds me of some people I know, lol! And maybe some people can identify with it too. It reminds me of what I was like in my teenage years ;~)

This picture's also my favorite because it really happened (it isn't Photoshopped). I set it up knowing that my "pet" squirrel would go for the drink. (It's only colored water, by the way. No squirrels were harmed in the making of this picture! )

One last reason that this picture is my favorite is that the squirrel in the picture isn't around anymore but the photo is a special memory of her. She was the best squirrel model I ever had!

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This is a photo of a very determined squirrel using leverage to try to open the lid of a cookie jar. I submitted this picture to my first-ever photo contest at Canadian Geographic magazine and it won second place, which I was thrilled about. So they paid me well for it and published it. They also included it the next year in a collection called Canadian Geographic's Best Wildlife Photos, which was a real honor. It's also been published in a couple of other books and magazines.

I wish I could've gotten this picture on Oprah! I haven't watched tv for many years now but once in awhile I see a show and I think the Ellen DeGeneres show would be a good match because the picture has humor but people also identify with the human-like nature of the squirrel so determined to get what it wants.

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I found an artist on the web who recommended the quality of Zazzle's t-shirts over those of Cafe Press. I already had a shop on Cafe Press but never did much with it. I joined Zazzle about a year and a half ago and had a good Christmas season my first year but never really added too much to my shop. This past fall I was determined to put more time into my shop though and I've seem some fantastic results. I ended up quitting Cafe Press because I thought there was a big difference in attitude between the two companies.

There are lots of things I like about Zazzle...I like that I can work from home, of course. I find Zazzle's support excellent and the shopkeepers super friendly and helpful. I'm a professional photographer who sells my work at art fairs and farmer's markets but I live in a cold climate so I can't sell my work from December through April. So I've been putting time into my Zazzle shops instead and it's really paid off. I think it's great that with hard work, I can see results! This past December I paid the mortgage with my Zazzle earnings and I'm super happy about that!

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