Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Day Gardens Gifts

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New Day Gardens Gifts
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I really am enjoying the process of making products that are useful for other garden business owners. These plaquards are great signage for a business that is hosting a table at a boutique.

They are fully customizable so that they can be used for any garden business but they are ready to go for the daylily nursery. Daylily nurseries often host tables at regional meetings, national meetings, winter symposiums and other venues where a large number of daylily collectors and hybridizer might gather.

The color theme of this particular plaque is balanced and appealing to me. The photograph at the top is of an award winning miniature daylily called 'Pardon Me' that I grow in my garden. It is one of my favorite dayliles because of how many flowers can be open on a single day.

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I would put my autism awareness shirts on every TV talk show that would feature them because more people need to be aware of what this disability looks like. As a single parent of two young children on the autism spectrum there are times when I find strangers avoiding us, staring, and making rude comments simply because they don't understand that these kids are really doing the best they can in public places. It is a real challenge. There were several years when I literally took vacation time from work in order to go grocery shopping without the kids. Parents often feel so isolated. Even family & friends make assumptions that the child's behavior must be due to poor parenting or that the parent is making more of the disability than it really is. I lost most of my support network. Few churches are equipped to support special needs kids so even my primary support network of a church "family" was lost.

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Others from a common forum had tried Zazzle to promote their garden businesses. I am delayed in really building my nursery while searching for affordable land to grow on. In the mean time I wanted a way to promote my brand and I have a lifetime of garden related photographs just waiting to be shared with the public. Zazzle is perfect for that and a better fit than CafePress. I enjoy the products they offer & the design tools. The forums are really helpful.
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