Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shannon Workman Photography

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Shannon Workman Photography
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My favorite design from my shop is the Multiplication abstract smoke. It's actually a photograph, not really a design, but I still love to play with it. It can be used on almost any item available with a few tweaks here and there. When I'm creating something new with it, I can move the image around in the design area and it seems like it's a whole photograph! Although, I will admit, sometimes my artist's OCD gets the better of me and I just HAVE to squish it into place so it looks just like the other pieces that've been created with it! But, hey, who doesn't love options?!

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If you could get your item on any TV show - which item would it be and what show would it be on....and why??? *

I would love to see the Blackberry Bold case with the abstract teal smoke photograph on the television show Grimm. The show is all about today's reality meeting pieces of the Grimm's fairy tales and the double life of police detective Nick Burkhardt as a "Grimm". The idea of reality meeting fantasy is a perfect way to describe this particular piece of artwork being displayed as a phone case! Plus, how cool would it be for Nick to make a call, displaying that case in all its glory, to Monroe, a Blutbad (a wolf-like creature), while he's actually on official police business?

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I had actually come across Zazzle a few years ago while doing some research on print-on-demand companies. I dug through a lot of the offerings and was duly impressed, and, to be honest, a little intimidated. The site was bookmarked for farther investigation, but life happened, so I just never came back around to it. Recently, I've been getting quite a few requests for all sorts of items with my fine art pieces on them. Calendars and mugs were the most requested, but there were quite a few people asking for magnets, coasters, phone cases. This led me back to my old bookmarks. Zazzle seemed to be the best fit for what I wanted and gave me a great opportunity to expand into new and interesting products. So after a little tinkering, a lot of forum-hunting, and many hours of playing, my new shop was born and I couldn't be happier with it!

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  • Photography
  • Designing them in the computer using rendering software
  • Drawing them in the computer in an art program
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