Thursday, June 7, 2012

The House of Prosepine

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The House of Prosepine
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I really enjoyed working on this design..and how it turned out! I worked this one up as a fabric pattern, it is a repeating design, but also reads in smaller sections. I Love the romance of an ancient castle by the sea, been worn away by the years and ages of waves lapping the walls. A lot of my Prosepine designs feature Mermaids, and in this design you can clearly see two, plus tails and scales dipping and diving amidst the sea foam. Another inspiration source was classic Japanese indigo fabric, there is such mastery of design there, it is like a school in itself!

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This lovely Mermaid swims by trailing a long strand oc shining sea pearls (of course!). She joyfully follows her Seahorse companion! In classic indigo and white. This is also a repeating pattern and was designed for fabric.

I can't name a TV show off the top of my head! But I can imagine the girls chatting about their lives around the table, sharing their lives and nutting out their problems.

I can see it in an office scene, someone cradling a Mug, gazing out large glass windows towards the boardwalk with the rolling ocean in the distance...contemplative music playing, only to be interupted by...

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I have been working at art for a long time, but only recently moved over to a more graphic format. Once I started playing around with computer graphics I was fumbling about the internet and stumbled across Cafe Press and Zazzle. I tried both, but prefer the spirit of Zazzle! I havn't had a huge amount of sales, but I keep at it because I love working and perfecting a skill, and I know a lot of people can make an income from Zazzle.
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