Sunday, June 3, 2012

Designs by Hafapea Gift Shop

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Designs by Hafapea Gift Shop
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  • Desktop PC
What is your favorite design from your shop to create - even if it is not a best seller? and why is it your favorite? *
Among the hundreds of designs that I create for my shop, I do not really have a favorite. I do enjoy coming up with unique products using what Zazzle supplies, such as my envelope seals, bookplate stickers and labels, apothecary jar labels and pocket spell cards, though. However, I have not come up with any innovative ideas for products in a while so I am hoping to find inspiration in the new releases. I have managed to get my stores stocked with gift boxes and notebooks, so far, and have not really come up with anything yet, but I still have a long way to go, so there is still hope.
What sites do you use to promote your zazzle store? (directly or indirectly - such as sites you use to promote your blogs which promote your store) *
  • Blogger/ Blogspot
  • Wordpress
  • Posterous
  • Twitter
  • Plurk
  • Tumblr
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  • Squidoo
  • Linkedin
  • Delicious
  • Personal webpage
  • Pinterest
If you could get your item on any TV show - which item would it be and what show would it be on....and why??? *
If I could get an item on any TV show, I would like to have one of my neckties be worn by Ellen Degeneres on her show, Ellen. Why? Because I think that Ellen is one of the most amazing and admirable women of our time and I would consider it to be a great honor if she were to do so. I have picked out a few designs that I plan to send to her some day, just as soon as I can afford to buy them. I am hoping that she will like one of them enough to wear it.
Do you prefer to work.... *
  • Late night
How did you find zazzle - and what kept you going with it? *
About ten years ago I learned about Cafe Press and the opportunity that it offered for artists to sell print-on-demand products. Seven years later I found myself an out-of-work new mother and full time college student, so I decided to learn even more about them. After creating a couple of hundred products there, I decided to search for other print-on-demand sites and that is how I found Zazzle. What kept me going with Zazzle is that I got my first sale within two weeks, as opposed to Cafe Press where I had been for three months and not sold a thing.
I create images by... *
  • Designing them in the computer using rendering software
  • Purchasing others art and editing it to suit my needs
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