Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Tell me 5 things everyone should know about you

1 I design buildings and houses for a living. But I don't tell my clients about my Zazzle Store. They might get worried that their building end up looking like a cartoon.

2 I am a father of 3, the youngest in 2nd year University. But in my heart I'm still a Boy and I doodle non-stop.

3 I live in Singapore. It is an island city state of 4 mil plus population and is described by a former President of Indonesia as a "Small Red Dot" . I hope you can find it on your map.

4 When I am not working in the office or on my Zazzle Store, I spend lot of time searching online for a Get-Rich-Quick scheme.. No luck so far, as EVERY guru tell me that theirs is not a Get-Rich-Quick.

5 I am so boring that I have a really hard time coming out with 5 things about myself .

How and when did you find zazzle?

I can't remember when I found Zazzle. I started with Cafepress first in early 2008 and I suppose once you discover Cafepress you will get to Zazzle. I opened my Zazzle store in March 2009.

What is the best advice you received since starting zazzle?

1. Patience. Pateience. Patience. PATIENCE.
2. Doing lots and lots and lots of design.
And I struggle with both. That's why its gonna take me longer to get my Zazzle pro status. With some patience I will get there....eventually.

If you were watching TV and saw an actor in a sitcom wearing your shirt/your poster or card was in the set what would you do?

Oh....WOW....never thought of that !!

I will be really stunned and don't know what to do. I got to find some way to tell the whole world right? And get it recorded somehow as proof that my design appear on TV!

From now on I better pay attention to what T shirts they are wearing on TV.

If you could choose any gift for your birthday from any shop other than your own, which would you choose and why?

I am a BIG FAN of LisaMarieArt. I love her colors. Anything by her is good. I just randomly browsed at her store and selected this adorable cartoon stamp :

Do you have any formal art or computer training?

I've got a Architecture degree. I did some art subjects in the U but I don't think that is considered formal art training. I learned computer hardware and software from friends and on my own.

I was good in art from young. During my first year in Elementary School, I was asked to perform in a local community art exhibition drawing Chinese dragon on silk with Chinese brush. And in my 4th year I was asked by the school to paint bamboo on paper lanterns, hundred of them all line up ................ok these has nothing to do with formal art training.....I just want to brag.

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