Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What are your favorite products to designs for? (select all that apply) * Everything I just can't decide!!!

How long have you been working with Zazzle or other POD's *
1-3 Years

What affect has zazzle had on your life in 25 words or more

Before Zazzle I would have had to get a full time job to make ends meet. Since I've been at Zazzle and made it to the first level of ProSeller Status (Bronze) I only need to work half the hours so now I am looking for part time to full time. I don't have to turn down that part time job now, since I will make enough to pay bills and as I progress to full time hours it will only mean my Zazzle earnings will be money I might be able to save.
It has also given me the freedom to express myself in so many ways. I just love using graphics to create products for my Store. I love stretching my imagination way outside the box to see what I can come up with as far as new ideas and designs.
With this new sense of freedom I have gained more confidence than I have in my entire life. I must say, Zazzle is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. I am so glad I found it!
Not to mention all the wonderful people I've met through the Zazzle Forums. I would suggest, as soon as you start on Zazzle, you go to the forums. You will not only learn more than you can imagine, you will learn how to promote, market and sell yourself. And, if taken the time to give them a chance, you will find some many very good people and even friendships. This is the one place in the world where I feel like I fit right in. And that's saying a lot for me.

In an average week how much time do you put into your shops including making designs, adding them to your store, advertising, reading the forums, doing other research or zazzle related work?
(estimate the average week where do you fall) 60+ hours (over 9 hours per day)

What percentage of time do you spend designing/adding products vs advertising/working on referral sites (this includes blogs twitter forums websites and other means of advertising) 75% adding designs 25% advertising

What was your favorite design to make & why? (whether it has sold or not pick just 1 & include the link to the product page NOT the image link)
My little "I Love My Chihuahua Postage Stamp" of course! The reason is pretty obvious I suppose. I have always loved Chihuahuas ever since I had one as a kid. I was ten years old when "Tiny" came into my life. It was love at first site and forever!
I now have a little Chi Chi doggie who just turned seven this summer on May 25th. She is the love of my life and provides me companionship I have never found with people. All you dog lovers out there know exactly what I mean.

Here is the link to my little Chi Chi Postage Stamp:

I know you won't be able to resist falling in love with her immediately! LOL!

How many shops do you have on zazzle?

List your shop urls 1 per line with a 5-10 word description after each
(use format - designs for people who love dogs)

Versatile wide variety of themes & designs for everyone.

Party Invitations, Gifts, & so much more for that perfect Party!

Just a fun shop for Mouse Pads only. I just love creating Mouse Pads and have always wanted a store I could go to when I got burnt out on my other shops or just wanted to have fun doing nothing but Mouse Pads! No stress...just bee bopping from one mouse pad to the next and not having to do the whole long string of products for each and every design.

Halloween, Gothic Dark Artwork, Funny Halloween Cartoon Gifts, Pirates & More!

Christmas Themed Gift Ideas. One of my newest stores I just opened up a few weeks ago.

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