Saturday, September 29, 2012

female contemporary art

Your Name/Shop Name *
female contemporary art
How long have you been an online shopkeeper with a POD shop. *
2-4 years (2008-2010 start date)
What does "SEO" mean to you? And what is the most important thing you do for SEO? *
Search engine optimization
Keyword introduction (still working on this)
twitter, facebook, g+
branding my stores and links
sharing links
promoting links on tohers' websites - a lot of goodwill
How do you promote your shops? *
  • blogger
  • posterous
  • twitter
  • facebook page
  • linkedin
  • google+
  • your own website
  • business cards
  • link exchanges
What types of products do you love to sell? *
Posters, Tees, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Gifts
How many different POD's do you offer designs on *
What do you enjoy doing when not working on your POD sites? *
Crochet Jewellery
T-Shirt design
Cooking - Lurve food!
Anything and everything rottweiler
Partying with friends
Do you prefer to work *
at a desk in silence
what is the best advice you would give someone just starting out? *
Practice makes perfect
Be a dog with a bone - persistance
Learning shortcuts - quick create and sharing
List your zazzle shops

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