Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ixodoi arts

Your Name/Shop Name *
Ixodoi arts
How long have you been an online shopkeeper with a POD shop. *
less then 6 months (only 2012)
What does "SEO" mean to you? And what is the most important thing you do for SEO? *
SEO = search engine optimization. It is basically my way to make my work more accessible to others.

I do it by selecting names & tabs I believe people searching for my work will search and by publishing links to my work on social networks and blogs associated with the same subjects as my work.
How do you promote your shops? *
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • facebook page
  • google+
  • your own website
  • other online advertising
  • link exchanges
  • pinging
  • pinterest
  • squidoo
  • other page sites
  • other social networking sites
What types of products do you love to sell? *
I can't really say I have favorite products. It is more about the designs. I like cartoons and cute designs.
How many different POD's do you offer designs on *
What do you enjoy doing when not working on your POD sites? *
mostly writing and playing with my kids. reading is a hug habit that unfortunately I have less and less time for.
Do you prefer to work *
in a comfy chair/sofa/bed in silence
what is the best advice you would give someone just starting out? *
You must never give up, things take time. It take time to build your work and time to build your name. However if you will stick with your belief and always listen to your heart you will eventually live your dream.
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