Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eye Heart

Your Name/Shop Name *
Eye Heart
How long have you been an online shopkeeper with a POD shop. *
5-7 years (2005-2008 start date)
What does "SEO" mean to you? And what is the most important thing you do for SEO? *
Getting your message out. I spend lots of time networking and adding my products anywhere that I can. This includes adding the work of others that I meet to my blogs and sites.
How do you promote your shops? *
  • blogger
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • facebook page
  • myspace
  • google+
  • email
  • business cards
  • online classified ads
  • pinterest
  • squidoo
  • other page sites
  • other social networking sites
  • other blogs
What types of products do you love to sell? *
I like to sell period. What I like to design are those items that take some thought when designing.
How many different POD's do you offer designs on *
What do you enjoy doing when not working on your POD sites? *
Spending time with my hubby and cats. Now that it is summer I love to feed the humming birds. I always enjoy music and tv but I get lost in my design work and don't quite see much television/movies
Do you prefer to work *
in a comfy chair/sofa/bed with background noise
what is the best advice you would give someone just starting out? *
Don't stop creating and adding to your shop. When you get discouraged find a new site or sharing network to add your completed items to .
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