Sunday, September 23, 2012

Susan's Zoo Crew

Your Name/Shop Name *
Susan's Zoo Crew
How long have you been an online shopkeeper with a POD shop. *
6 months to 1 year(late 2011 early 2012)
What does "SEO" mean to you? And what is the most important thing you do for SEO? *
SEO means making sure that if someone types in a keyword search in a search engine such as google or yahoo, that my webpage/product will show up highly ranked so they actually see it. I make sure to have the best keywords on products I can find and to use alternate words for things when writing blogs and the like.
How do you promote your shops? *
  • blogger
  • wordpress
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • facebook page
  • google+
  • your own website
  • youtube
  • using you own products as gifts
  • pinterest
  • weebly
  • squidoo
  • zujava
What types of products do you love to sell? *
Types? I'd have to say anything with my original artwork and photography on it! I have to say I enjoy when someone does a mug or plate since I figure they will get more use out of that than say a postcard to send out.
How many different POD's do you offer designs on *
What do you enjoy doing when not working on your POD sites? *
Lots of things! I'm a musician, playing bass, originally percussionist, and fiddle with guitar and now keyboards. I also attempt to grow vegetables. I raise bonsai, mostly a succulent called Portulacaria afra. I have lots of other plants that are just "pretty". I have animals that keep me busy, and in what little time is left over I love to read and create "stuff".
Do you prefer to work *
at a desk in silence
what is the best advice you would give someone just starting out? *
Don't be afraid to put designs on products that seem odd. Most of my best sellers I never thought would sell like that! Work on topics that interest you and listen to people who have been successfully doing this for a while. Oh, wait, that's multiple advices....*sneaks extra advices in*
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