Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dave Lawrance Photography

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Dave Lawrance Photography
What advice that you received as a shopkeeper or learned from trial and error - would you like to pass on to someone else? *
Firstly, I would say to start off with just a few products, until you are sure you have everything figured out. Having to go back through lots of products making changes is v e r y tedious!

Secondly, for and product such as greeting cards that include text that may be edited by the user, be sure to make the text field a template object. I have had many card orders cancelled by people not realising that they had to change the text from "Your message here".
How often do you add new products or designs? *
Several times per month
If you came into $100,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? *
Pay off the mortgage, and take a holiday to somewhere with some great landscapes to photograph.
What is the last product you added to your store? *
What would you do if you saw an actor on TV wearing one of your shirts, or one of your products on the set of a popular Tv show or movie? *
1. Spill my drink.
2. Make sure I Tweeted, Facebooked, etc about it ASAP.
Do you have any formal art or computer training? *
No, I taught myself
What programs do you use to create your designs? What do you like about them? *
Photoshop mainly. I'm not really a designer, so it's fairly basic stuff; adding borders, text, etc.
Other than your own shop(s) - what 1 shop on zazzle created by someone else, is your absolute favorite? *
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