Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Your name or Shopid *
How long did it take you to become a proseller? *
6-12 months
What advice can you give to someone who wants to become a proseller? *
Don't give up. Just keep adding new designing, keep adding new products, keep advertising where you can. Many people often find they had a boost in sale after reaching about 2,500 products in their store.
How many stores do you have? *
What benefits do you see for choosing this number of stores? and what do you recommend for others who are just starting out on whether to choose 1 store or multiple stores? *
I do most of my work with just one store, with others being more like a hobby or a pruning ground. The second store features designs that could possibly offend and drive off customers. So having the separate store you can cater to two completely different groups who you otherwise be unable to reach with one store alone.
What types of advertising do you do? *
  • Off-Zazzle websites
  • Blogs (blogspot, wordpress, etc.)
  • Microblogs (twitter, plurk, etc.)
  • SNS (facebook, myspace, etc.)
  • Handouts (flyers, stickers, business cards, etc.)
  • Forums (groups, messege boards, etc.)
  • Other Free
What types of advertising do you recommend for someone just starting out and why? *
Sick with free advertising at first. Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs such as blogger, zblog, and posterous are good.
Not talking dollar wise, just volume & frequency of sales do you... (select all that apply, some answer may be contradictory based on seasonal sales) *
  • have 1-5 days per month with no sale
  • have 2+ days per week with no sale
  • sell under 5 products per day on most days
  • have 1 shopper pruchase over 25 items in 1 purchase at least once per month
  • rarely have shoppers purchse multiple items
  • sell a lot of lower priced items like postcards and buttons
  • sell a lot of mid priced items like tshirt and necklaces
  • sell a good mix of all items regardless of price
  • have great seasons/months and horrible seasons/months
  • do well April-June
  • do well July-September
  • do well October-December
What product in your store are you most proud of or what product in your store is your favorite? Include link to product page and why it is your favorite. *
This is hard to say.
I suppose this one is a pretty proud as the design is completely my own work and was the very first product I sold when i first started doing work with PODs.
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