Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mind Design Grafx

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Mind Design Grafx
How long did it take you to become a proseller? *
6-12 months
What advice can you give to someone who wants to become a proseller? *
Set achievable short and long term goals; today I will ... This week I will... This month I will... This year I will. Write them down and check them off as you complete them.

Stay true to yourself.

Take advise from prosellers who have been around awhile. They know what they are talking about.
How many stores do you have? *
What benefits do you see for choosing this number of stores? and what do you recommend for others who are just starting out on whether to choose 1 store or multiple stores? *
This is a personal decision that will be different for everyone and will depend on if you are setting up a "general" store or are "niche" stores.

I personally have 1 main store that I concentrate on. It takes most of my time. I have two other stores that are what I call "work in progress" store. They have only a few designs in them right now and they are "niche" stores. I work on them as I have time.

My suggestion to those just starting out is to concentrate on 1 store and get that flowing before branching off.
What types of advertising do you do? *
  • Blogs (blogspot, wordpress, etc.)
  • Microblogs (twitter, plurk, etc.)
  • SNS (facebook, myspace, etc.)
  • Handouts (flyers, stickers, business cards, etc.)
  • Other Free
What types of advertising do you recommend for someone just starting out and why? *
If you're just starting out, I would stick to the "free" types of advertising, unless of course you have lost of money to invest.

I mainly use blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Squidoo.
Not talking dollar wise, just volume & frequency of sales do you... (select all that apply, some answer may be contradictory based on seasonal sales) *
  • have 2+ days per week with no sale
  • sell under 5 products per day on most days
  • have great seasons/months and horrible seasons/months
What product in your store are you most proud of or what product in your store is your favorite? Include link to product page and why it is your favorite. *
At the moment this B-Boying design is my favorite. It's a new design, it's bright and fun and makes me want to dance :)
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