Friday, March 11, 2011


Your name or Shopid *
How long did it take you to become a proseller? *
3 months (the minimum qualification time)
What advice can you give to someone who wants to become a proseller? *
add new products on a regular basis. Make us of all freebie marketing options. Use twitter feed and hello txt. Sign up for a bazillion social networking sites and make sure you direct the feeds to those sites. Post products on facebook.
How many stores do you have? *
What benefits do you see for choosing this number of stores? and what do you recommend for others who are just starting out on whether to choose 1 store or multiple stores? *
multiple stores are actually easier to manage. if you have a shop with many varied items, it helps to break it down into several smaller shops. It is also much easier to have a mug shop, a tee shop, a sticker shop, etc..shops that focus on single products are easy and fast to create and manage.
What types of advertising do you do? *
  • Off-Zazzle websites
  • Blogs (blogspot, wordpress, etc.)
  • Microblogs (twitter, plurk, etc.)
  • SNS (facebook, myspace, etc.)
  • Forums (groups, messege boards, etc.)
  • Newsletters
  • Other Free
What types of advertising do you recommend for someone just starting out and why? *
facebook, twitter, word of mouth, biz cards, make up a few tees with you shop name on them
Not talking dollar wise, just volume & frequency of sales do you... (select all that apply, some answer may be contradictory based on seasonal sales) *
  • sell more then 5 products per day most days
  • sell multiple items per purchase most sales
  • have 1 shopper purchase over 25 items in 1 purchase at least once per month
  • sell a lot of lower priced items like postcards and buttons
  • sell a good mix of all items regardless of price
  • have great seasons/months and horrible seasons/months
  • do well October-December
What product in your store are you most proud of or what product in your store is your favorite? Include link to product page and why it is your favorite. *

some of my favorite items and best selling items are my stationery and cards made from my own custom masks.
List your stores: *

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