Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Molly Sky Designs

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Molly Sky Designs
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When I first started Zazzling a year ago I didn´t have any experience with POD sites and I didn't really grasp the whole customizing thing. Intially I made my products with my own background color fixed into the design, so they weren't very customizable and I may have lost sales. Now I try wherever I can to ensure that the customer can change the background color on my products, and I mention this in my product description. This definitely makes my products more easy to sell to those customers who like my product but want it in a different color.

I also say in my product description that if the customer needs any assistance with customizing that they can contact me through my store and I will be happy to help them. I use the product description area to link to other relevant sections of my store - or if I'm making invitations I will post pictures and links to my matching stamps and envelopes.

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Every day
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I would definitely want to do something to help animals where I live - conditions for animals in Spain are not generally very good and there are a lot of starving stray dogs on the streets. I would really like to open an animal shelter here, or at least give some major assistance to the only animal shelter in this area as they are really struggling.

I would give some money to friends and family who are also struggling - and I would invest sensibly to ensure that I have security and don´t have to always worry about how I'm going to find money for my rent, bills and food.

I would still do my Zazzling but I would concentrate more on my animal charity store and maybe open more charity stores.

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I would probably spontaneously combust with disbelief and excitement!!
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No, I taught myself
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I use Adobe Illustrator. This is the only program I've ever used seriously. I love it because I cannot draw very well freehand and this gives me the opportunity to create designs that people actually want to buy! It's been a painstaking learning process and I have definitely not found it easy, but now I have a skill that I'm proud of and it´s starting to make me some money. There are no job opportunities in the small rural village where I live, and so Adobe Illustrator and Zazzle have been a God send for me!
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