Saturday, September 11, 2010


Shop Name/Your Name *
Are you addicted to zazzle
No, I can stop at any time, really I can...wait there is maintenance and zazzle will be down HOW LONG?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO come back to me zazzle!!!
Which format works best for you when organizing your store(s)
A little of both - multiple stores, one/some for catch all - and others for singular themes
Which is the best definition of your style
A little of both - some stores are high quality, others are high quantity
What advice would you give a new shopkeeper? (write as much or as little as you would like) *
Take time to research the kind of designs or products you'd like to do. Learn how to promote them in a wide variety of ways. Promoting yourself, your shops and your designs is the best way to increase sales and exposure.

There are alot of good tips and tricks that come out in the forums. Be open and on the lookout for them. I have learned alot there! There are alot of talented designers and webmasters in there!

Always remember that it really does take time to make money in this business. It isn't a get rich quick business. It takes time and dedication!

What product in your store best matches your current mood? (link to product page please) *
Is zazzle a hobby or a job?
Part Time Income - zazzle is a part time job for me, I need the money i make here to make ends meet so I don't have to go find a second job.
List your shops - please include the http:// in from and use the .com extension

example *

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