Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Store Name *
How do you create/edit the designs you place for sale on zazzle? *
  • Hand drawn/painted/created & Scanned
  • Corel Paint shop pro
What is the most important thing you have learned since starting on zazzle? *
I guess I would have to say how to use Corel, though I still consider myself an amateur at photoshoping I've learned heaps about neatening up & enhancing my sketched images & in my experience the customers definitely prefer colour.
Do you consider yourself an Artist selling art, or a Business person selling products which happen to be art? *
Artist - every product is a perfect piece of art i have carefully selected and set to match how I feel they should be displayed
What do you enjoy most about zazzle? *
The community of artists all buoying each other up while they strive to create & sell their masterpieces is definitely the best thing about being a zazzler!
When working on zazzle you... *
enjoy listening to music
What is your favorite thing to do when not Zazzling? *
My three children are my life, so if I'm not doing housework or something zazzle related then I'm usually spending time with at least on of them.
What promotion do you use? *
  • Your own site(s)
  • Blogger Blog(s)
  • Twitter(s)
  • Facebook Page(s)
  • Squidoo(s)
  • Business Cards
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